Hire an Expert

So you’re looking (or at least thinking about looking) for Salesforce talent for your team? Whether you’re looking for a new employee or a Contractor / Freelancer, we’d love to help!

At NextGen Partners our aim is simple; to take the pain out of your Salesforce recruitment process.

We pride ourselves on our 3 key pillars of client service:

In Salesforce, Talent moves fast so we move fast.
We never lose sight of quality for a quick win.
We go deeper with our clients and candidates, meaning we match more effectively.

We work together alongside our clients to understand what works for you, as well as assessing what methods of sourcing will work for your business.

We will ask you for commitment throughout the process and in return we will give you access to the best talent in our network.

We are upfront and honest, meaning we will offer advice and market/competitor knowledge that will improve your hiring process and give you a competitive edge.

We are proud to be experts in what we do, and so we do not dilute our offering by working roles outside of our space. If we did then it would take our focus away from our Salesforce clients and candidates.

Having this focus on Salesforce means that we can help you even when you aren’t recruiting by offering market-specific advice.

Are you thinking about hiring and wondering what the average salary/rate is for the position/location?

Are you looking for a Salesforce Partner to meet specific needs? We can make introductions and recommendations (and no, we genuinely don’t expect anything in return!).

Fed up with interviewing lots of candidates before finding the one? Let us help you analyse your process and identify what could be improved. We are happy to have an informal chat with you and see if we can point you in the right direction.

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